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IBD/IBE/PVD Process Solutions

Nordiko Technical Services designs & manufactures a broad range of ion-beam deposition (IBD), ion-beam etch (IBE) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) process tools for both R&D and production applications, specializing in tools for magnetic, ferroelectric, piezoelectric and spintronic device fabrication. Nordiko supports customers in the spintronics, data storage, non-volatile memory and magnetic sensor & inductor markets worldwide. 
Mnem-iX Broad Ion Beam System

When Precision is paramount and the Mnem-iX has a track record of achievement for MRAM production. Mnem-iX uses a central, industry standard, wafer handling platform. The platform can be equipped with two 3600 or 3800 deposition modules and two smaller 7000 series modules. The latter may be used for wafer pre-clean and surface modification.

N8800 Image.jpg
8800 PVD System

The N8800 physical vapour deposition module is an automated process machine that may be interfaced to a vacuum load lock. The chamber can accommodate up to ten sputtering electrodes. Two deployed on each of the five electrode facets. The system may be equipped with DC and or RF power supplies for powering the sputtering cathodes. With one power supply the system may be used for the sequential deposition of up to ten materials. With two, or more, sputtering supplies it may also be configured to co-sputter from adjacent cathodes.

7500 Broad Ion Beam Milling System

The 7500 delivers the performance needed when manufacturing a nano scale world. This results in repeatable milling performance with very good within wafer non-uniformity from a very low divergence collimated ion beam. Dual plasma bridge neutralisers couple electrons to the beam plasma for effective charge neutralisation at illuminated surfaces. Interfaced to an industry standard SEMI MESC compliant wafer handling platform the system may be configured for processing various wafer sizes up to 200 mm diameter and platens up to 225 mm square.

3400/3600/3800 Broad Ion Beam Systems

The 3400/3600/3800  are  advanced automatic vacuum coating systems designed for the deposition of dielectric and metallic films. The modules are equipped to be interfaced to a wafer handling platform (SEMI height). A single ion source illuminates the selected one, of four/six/eight available, target positions creating a deposition flux. An auxiliary ion source aimed at the substrate table is available as an option that can be used for wafer pre-clean and/or direct illumination of the growing film.

Nordiko 3000

The Nordiko 3000 is a multi-target dual source ion beam deposition system. The detailed implementation has recently been revised and the system benefits from our latest generation of broad ion beamsources and advanced accelerators. The configuration draws heavily of the original 3000 that we introduced more than twenty-five years ago. 

Nordiko N2000

The N2000 is a compact sputtering system with four 150 mm electrodes mounted in a confocal configuration. The electrodes sputter material onto a central rotating worktable. Designed to coat substrates up to 200 mm diameter the system combines great flexibility with substantial capability.

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